Sunday, January 9, 2011

i had some pictures of madison done by my friend leslie james she does an awesome job!! they turned out so cute!! here are a few

madison blessing

heres a pic of some of our closest friends!!! the jensens and the winwards
heres grandpa dee with madison, we gave her grandma donnas middle name "mae" man i sure miss grandma its the first baby blessing she has missed, but i know she was there

Even lacey and hayden came down from st george to be with us

here is my family pic!! (above)

it was great to have all of our family and close friends come. heres the ward family pic!

we decided that with madison we were going to bless her at macks park in smithfield with family and friends. i was a little nervous about it cause we had always done it at church, but it was beautiful. brady did such a good job he blessed her than she would have my grandma donnas patience and be good to her brothers. she is an awesome addition to this little family of ours

madisons blessing dress my dad and jackie got for her!!! i love girls it was sooo fun to pick this out for her!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

my sisters and mom threw me an awesome shower cause i had no girl stuff! it was tons of fun... lacey and hayden even came up from st. george!! the only ones missing were my grandmas :(

well she is finally here, and she is beautiful.... we went in to the hospital june 28th at 7:30am and they started me on antibiotics and picotin... for some reason i wouldnt dilate more than a four and i had been on the picotin for eight hours... yuck yuck i started to cry when the nurse told me the only thing we could do was c-section or start the picotin over... i just wanted to be done... so we decided to unplug the drugs for fourty five minutes and start all over and see if that would help... i still wasnt moving along and april came up to the hospital to see what was going on i was sooooo bored and hadnt ate all day... she felt bad for me the nurse had just checked and i was still at a four so april volunteered to run to her house and get me her ipod so i could play some games..( i had been there so long that my cell phone had died) it was like 9:30pm and my mom called april told her no progress so she was on her way home to lewiston.. well april leaves and the nurse comes in and says something is happening with madisons heart beat and she needed to check again... the next thing i know she says "oh my, this baby is starting to come" we were totally shocked she told me "hold on and dont push im gonna call ur dr." all of a sudden i seriously needed to push and was freaking out i couldnt hold out till my dr got there.. ten min later dr craig comes running in and is sweating from the run... brady tries to call april but she doesnt awnser so he leaves her a message (come to find out she thinks we are kidding because we want her to hurry and bring the ipod) haha anway after about 7 min of pushing my little angel was born..... she weight 5lbs 5 oz and was perfect!!!!! And yes Brady she was a GIRL!!! i just wanna say thanks to everyone that came with gifts and who came to the shower!!!! and especially for all the yummy dinners!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

holy mother of pearl!! (quote from spongebob) austin is 8

i cant believe my little angel is eight... can he really be that old? austin is the most special talented boy ever... i cant imagine my life without him!!! he always tells me he loves me and he knows when im having a bad day and will do something special for me. he is awesome at school in his reading, he is reading at a fourth grade level which is awesome!!! i love u bud
this year he choose to have a party with some friends... they had tons of fun with the wii we had cake and ice cream played some games and they went crazy outside

easter and grandpa

on our way home from the zoo we stopped in wellsville at grandpas! april and grandpa had decorated grandma donnas grave for easter so we stopped and took pictures... grandmas new headstone should be comming soon.. im excited to see it! i love and miss you more than ever grandma!!!
we also stopped by grandpa reeses headstone and the boys wanted a pic with him! austin is very into the war and was excited to see his headstone

hogle zoo

once we finally got them out of the pool we headed to hogle zoo!! i forgot how pretty and fun it is.. the boys had a blast i had to sit and breathe for a minute and they were annoyed i needed a break haha thanks mom for knowing i needed a break and for giving the kids these fun memories!!! we love u